MADRID, Jan. 8 (SportsFinding) –

Valencia coach Albert Celades lamented the clear defeat against Real Madrid (1-3) in the first semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup and said that you never believe that “things like the first goal” could happen after Toni Kroos scored an Olympic goal after a lag behind and behind goalkeeper Jaume Domenech.

“Yes it is true that until 0-1 we were not too good, but that goal has hurt us because of how it has been produced. It has been difficult for us to recover. You do not believe that things like the first goal can happen and they happen,” said Celades after that goal from the corner, the first in the history of the Super Cup.

The coach 'che' did not put hot cloths to defeat and explained that they should “have been more active with and without the ball.” “The final consequence is the result. The players have struggled until the end, even with the 0-3 – when it was already very difficult – they have continued fighting and fighting. It is one more cause,” he added.

Asked about Zidane's commitment to five midfielders, Celades acknowledged that he was caught by surprise. “We did not appreciate what could have happened. They have played only with a center forward and we understood that it could be so, but we did not know,” he said. “The first half hour in the Mestalla League was also something like that with the inside game,” he recalled.

“It is not an easy time, when you suffer a defeat you always have a bad body. Now we have to look forward and continue preparing for what is coming. The next league game is Mallorca. There is nothing left but to turn the page to what It happened today, “added Celades, who” no “has received instructions from the club about prioritizing one or the other competition.

Finally, the Valencian coach highlighted the “great players of Real Madrid” despite the losses and ruled out that the majority support of the local team published the white team could determine the crash. “I don't think that public support for Real Madrid has been decisive for the final result,” he concluded.