We know what he was going to say

On Monday in the morning Valeri She had everything ready to become the protagonist of a photo shoot that was going to take place in a park in the Madrid town of Aranjuez. The rider’s trans lover Alvaro Muñoz Escassi I was going to pose in a no-frills report for the interview that I had scheduled and that was going to come out this Wednesday. And I say was going to come out because on the same Monday morning They told her that the operation was being aborted and that there was no exclusivity. Valeri took the blow. She couldn’t do anything else. Now she knows that she will have to listen to new offers and she is already thinking that it would be better to make her debut on television because she is not willing to be left looking like a swindler who set up the ex-boyfriend of Maria Jose Suarez.

In the interview that we will not see Valeri Cuellar She spoke about her life and, of course, about Álvaro, about the reason for that meeting and clarified that she had not defrauded anyone while confirming that she was asking for money as a debt and not as extortion. That testimony will have to wait for now and they are already studying different television programs, where she wants to tell her truth, her situation and even her transition that she has not carried out until the end since she did not want to undergo surgery.

A textbook cheater

Valeri knows that he doesn’t have the power, the contacts or the strength to be able to defend his story, but he is determined to do so. He is not discouraged and simply sees it as one of the many obstacles he has had to overcome in his life. Although direct sources assure that the interview had already been carried out and that it was going to make the juiciest headlines, this change of plans closes one door but will surely open other windows. It is a matter of time and of seeing how the breakup of one of the most attractive couples on the social scene is measured out, and that now it will have to be a Maria Jose Suarez of absolute protagonist to answer the statements that Muñoz Escassi made in the program From Friday, where he assured that they maintained an open relationship with everything that that entails.

The Sevillian is not in the mood to let everyone think that their relationship was a license for everyone to do whatever they wanted and wants to put the dots on the i’s and leave Álvaro as what she understands: a textbook unfaithful. Álvaro has spoken, María José will do so and Valeri will have to wait for his moment if someone dares to give him a voice.