“Players have father, mother, wife and children”

Alice Campello (29) is chaining one disappointment after another. And after suffering (for the second time) an assault in her home in Sardinia, she now deals with the criticisms that her husband, Alvaro Morata (31), receives criticism for saying that he does not feel respected in our country, which is why he is considering leaving the Spanish National Team after the Euro Cup.

It all started with some statements that the athlete offered to The world. “I’ll probably leave the national team after the Euros,” he said. He added: “It’s a possibility I don’t want to talk about too much. (…) I’m happier outside, because people respect me. In Spain there is no respect for anything or anyone”. Words that were condemned by many La Roja fans and gave rise to numerous criticisms from the sports press, which published assessments such as “Morata has done enough to be seen as a crybaby.”

Campello has responded to these responses through a statement on his Instagram stories. “I hate to play the victim and stir up more controversy, but this doesn’t seem even remotely normal to me, I’m sorry. “Is this normal? The only thing I see as poor is being a journalist, having studied for it and writing a headline like that when Spain is one day away from playing a semi-final,” the text begins.

“It amazes me that instead of encouraging a player you are trying to bring him down… How do you think a person can give their all for their country when they feel like no one believes in them? What is the aim of the headline? To generate more hatred towards a person? Congratulations, everyone can write their opinion and everyone is free to express it and no one is ever liked by everyone, but there are many ways of saying things, even more so when you are from a newspaper and you have so much power to influence young people. Do we really want this? he adds.

Campello believes that with this type of message the collateral effects are not taken into account. The players have families. “These players have fathers, mothers, wives and children who read these gratuitous barbarities. This one from the newspaper is a simple example.. We must think before we speak about how we would feel about what we are doing.. I repeat: everyone is free to say what they think, but without offending. It’s all a matter of taste, but if we want respect, we must respect,” says the Italian model.