“In family”, so it will happen dove caves this Christmas, together with their parents and their daughters Bianca and Paloma, aged 14 and 10, although the little ones will also alternate the holidays with their father Enrique Ponce, now boyfriend of the twentysomething Ana Soria.

It is the brief and forceful response from the environment of the former Valencian bullfighter to deny the rumors that the daughter of Victorian Valencia I would be on these important dates with Luis Miguelthe Mexican idol of the song, with whom it has been published that the Cordovan woman has been in a relationship for months, although it has never been confirmed by either of them.

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The socialite published a story on the official Instagram account where a Christmas table was shown, putting a Christmas theme by Luis Miguel as a background. This allusion to the singer has given rise to speculation, it was even said that they would spend Christmas together.

What did you expect to happen by putting Luis Miguel’s music in your stories?

People close to Paloma comment that the insertion of the carol of The Sun of Mexico in the Christmas greeting it is pure coincidence “and it is only because Paloma has always liked that record,” they explain. “If she manages to play the classic of Mariah Carey They would have also pointed it out, because Mariah was Luis Miguel’s girlfriend, which is talking for the sake of talking, “they add.

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Beyond the aforementioned speculations, it is not surprising that if Paloma Cuevas does not want to feed the rumors and keep the matter in the center of the media focus, she might not ignite the rumor flame. Another thing is that she has the right to put on the music that she likes, but then she is not surprised that comments arise. After all, Paloma has almost 200,000 followers on his official account.

The parents of Paloma Cuevas, Victoriano and Paloma Diaz, They are in delicate health, their daughter, who is an exemplary daughter, is very aware of them and hardly leaves their side. In any case, that there is a special relationship between the Mexican idol and Ponce’s ex-wife is undeniable. All of them have been friends for many years, but after the break between the bullfighter and the mother of his daughters, there have been solo encounters between Luis Miguel and Paloma, both single, free, attractive and with deep feelings for each other. Sometimes, from affection to love, there is only a (small) step.