With elegant perseverance, she maintains her facade of a sweet and super-educated woman, but at 71 we already know that other strong character of Isabella Preysler that sometimes appears and that he takes for a walk when necessary, just like his daughter does Tamara Falco with the dog.

And so it was last week when, during a party offered by a champagne brand of which Preysler She was a godmother, she sang the forty to more than one journalist. But fellow press members weren’t the only ones who had to take a beating from the Queen of Hearts.

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As you may have learned Informalia, another of those who got a good fight was Boris Izaguirre. The Venezuelan wrote an article in the newspaper in The country commenting on the words of Tamara Falco in Mexico during the XIV World Congress of Families. There, the daughter of the Marqués de Griñón expressed herself in this way: “Now we are living in a very difficult moment for Humanity, there are so many different types of sexualities, there are so many different places where you can exercise evil, that I believe that in other generations it will not It was so obvious and it wasn’t so well seen.” Later, somehow, she apologized, but the critics were already on the street. And some were very hard.

Boris, a prominent and active figure in the LGTBi movement, assumed like many that there was homophobia in the words of his friend Tamara and wrote: “In a kind of joint effort we managed to get Tamara away from the deceitful Inigo Onieva. Now we should repeat the effort to distance her from that hateful ideology that surrounds her,” his column read.

In addition, he added that “the organization does not care that Tamara is hanged the label of homophobe. They need to feed this publicity, Tamara’s workplace, to maintain their evangelical campaign. I would suggest a move away from bad company and perhaps an explicit apology. You can be a good Catholic without becoming an ultra,” he said in his column.

And of course, after reading this, Tamara got angry with the Venezuelan. But she was not the only one. Her mother came out like a lioness. Isabella Preysler He also got angry, and a lot. He considered it a betrayal of both her daughter and herself. The more serious Boris, married man, award-winning author, who settled down, has occupied a special place in the Filipina’s home. The writer, at 57 years old, left that role of enfant terrible who dropped his pants and underpants and showed his penis in the Martian Chronicles of Javier Sarda and became a presenter, and a regular at top jet parties, with friends like Eugenia Martinez de Irujo o Isabel Presylerwho has admitted him as one of his own and has given him access, like his daughter Tamara and other children of Vargas Llosa’s girlfriend, to his social life.

But the article Boris Izaguirre in The country contra Tamara Falco annoyed Elizabeth Preysler. However, Miguel Boyer’s widow did not say anything to him until last week, when Boris tried to approach her during the party and she initially refused to serve him. It was Boris’s husband who, after a long talk, managed to get closer. And once face to face, Preysler gave him a good scolding that Izaguirre he endured with his eyes lowered and without protest. She didn’t reply, she just apologized, without further ado, but apparently the situation was more than tense. Ana Boyer was present and also reproached him for that comment. Then each one continued by their side enjoying the party.

Boris has been a good friend of the family for years, so much so that he has been invited to many of their meetings and was a key player in the documentary on the Marquise de Griñón. Now, as things are, we do not know at what point their relationship will be. What we do know is that Isabel Preysler made it clear that with her daughter… Be careful!