“We deserve it after the hit of not going to the Ro Games” |




“All of us who had that spike stuck,” says Prez de Vargas, decisive with his eight stops in the final.

Gmez, Maqueda, Guardiola and Morros celebrate the victory in the final.

It took almost two decades for a national team to successfully defend its European title. Spain took over in Sweden the relay of Sweden, champion in 1998, 2000 and 2002, and could also match the record of Denmark, which had climbed four times to the podium between 2002 and 2008. “We deserve it after the hit of not going to the Games de Ro. All of us who had that thorn in it, “commented Gonzalo Prez de Vargas, author of eight stops in the win against Croatia (22-20).

“We have had patience and consistency at the key moments. Also that bit of luck needed. The team has worked very well throughout the championship,” said Ral Entrerros, minutes before raising the trophy at the Tele2 Arena. In the memory of the captain still floated that unexpected help of Igor Karacic, author of inexplicable steps a minute for the horn and 21-20 on the scoreboard.

To the bitter memory of not being able to travel to the Olympic event in 2016, Prez de Vargas also referred. “All of us who had that thorn stuck”, reiterated the goalkeeper, included in the ideal team of the championship, like Jorge Maqueda, one of the most euphoric on the podium, which also highlighted the presence of Mara Jos Rienda, president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

“A little cooler”

“In the end we showed that we were a little cooler,” added the goalkeeper of Barcelona, ​​referring to the effort of the Croats in the semifinal, where they had to resort to two extensions against Norway. “The gold is totally deserved and the clasp to an almost perfect championship, because the draw at the close of the Main Round was almost unimportant,” said Prez de Vargas.

His 42% effectiveness under sticks (8/19) contrasted with Rodrigo Corrales's poor inspiration, which failed to stop any of the nine Croatian pitches in his 18-minute track. In any case, the choral effort of Spain, which regulates more and better its resources could be imposed on the punctual inspiration of the adversary.

Lino Cervar did not hesitate to reiterate his commitment to an attack without a goalkeeper, which resulted in a 4-0 run for the future champion. In addition, the veteran technician forced some of his pillars to the limit. Despite the tremendous wear on Friday, David Mandic (58 minutes), Zlatko Horvat (55) Luka Stepancic (52) could barely enjoy a break.

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