We crashed Íñigo Onieva’s VIP party for his 35th birthday: from the catering to the select guest list

Inigo Onieva is celebrating. The husband of the Marchioness of Griñón turned 35 this Friday and, to celebrate his big day, the businessman organized a party on the terrace of the house he owns with his wife, Tamara Falco.

Hello guys, how are you?“, said Onieva when she noticed the presence of the press in the vicinity of her land. Although Isabel Preysler’s son-in-law did not want to give details about how he was having a good time at his party, the businessman woke up this Saturday wanting to do public the ins and outs of his birthday through his social networks.

Despite not meeting his loved ones at his new Casa Salesas restaurant, Íñigo hired a catering service. As a good food lover, the businessman chose rigatoni bolognese on a parmesan wheel, angus burgers and picaña and wagyú meat. As for the drink offering, Onieva offered her diners tequila-based cocktails.

The celebration of Íñigo Onieva was attended by Alvaro Castillo (Tamara Falcó’s cousin) with his wife, Cristina Fernández. Alvaro Falco e Isabelle Junot They also attended the businessman’s party. Although they did not enter through the main door of the development, Europa Press He noticed the moment when they climbed the stairs to the roof and greeted Onieva’s circle.

At the moment, there are no images of Tamara Falcó at her husband’s party. However, the socialite did speak out through her networks to congratulate her boy. “Birthday celebration number 1“wrote the marchioness along with two romantic photographs of the two of them loving each other in an elevator. In stories, Ana Boyer’s sister also rescued a photograph from their wedding day, about which she wrote: “Happy Birthday my love“.