warns of what can happen in that family

Jorge Javier Vazquez watched the interview with Carlo Costanzia live on From Friday and was shocked by her “facial beauty.” “As for what he said, I’ll be honest: I didn’t really notice it.”admits the presenter, who got an idea of ​​the personality of Alejandra Rubio’s boyfriend. “I get the impression that Carlo cares very little about what people say about him. He belongs to that kind of guy who finds it hard to accept that he is not right because he seems to listen very little. Which is not bad as long as you are handsome.”

The presenter was also attentive to the appearance of Terelu Campos on the set, who has become the new collaborator of From Friday“There are people who don’t understand that future relatives meet on the sets, but I find it much more comfortable. You avoid embarrassing silences and on top of that you get paid for it,” argues the journalist on his blog. Readings.

“I’m glad to see Terelu back on Mediaset”admits Jorge Javier. “It’s his home. And mine. And that of many friends and colleagues with whom I will meet again because, as we say in Catalonia: “Roda el món i torna al Born” [Da la vuelta al mundo y vuelve al Born]”.

Jorge Javier’s notice

Although many have criticized him, Jorge Javier applauded Terelu’s attitude in From Fridaywhere he had to help his son-in-law more than once. “After the disaster caused by some of Carlo’s statements, Terelu did what she had to do: try to fix the mess.“Terelu knows that she has a difficult time ahead of her and that she will have to face some setbacks, so she is choosing the smartest option: low profile and little risk in his statementsnot going to be that Stubborn reality forces him to decorate phrases previously spoken“, Add.