Alessandro Lequio criticizes Alejandra Rubio for her tears on television and criticizes her words about Carlo Costanzia

Alessandro Lequio This Wednesday he charged against Alejandra Rubio for his words in the last broadcast of This is lifewhere she called the criticisms of her and her boyfriend “shitty comments,” Charles Costanzathey have been receiving since they sold the exclusive news about their pregnancy to the magazine El Saludo two weeks ago.

The Italian count has assessed that Terelu Campos’ daughter had always participated in the public sphere from a comfortable position and that it is now when, being the protagonist of the headlines, she suffers the reality check. “Alejandra’s problem is that until her pregnancy she had not had to step into the real world”has advanced.

Lequio has commented that the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos used to watch life from the sidelines, but now “has come out into the ring.” “She is bothered by the boos of the audience,” he said, stating that “nobody wants to destroy her”: “Nobody owes us anything so we have to keep quiet”.

In addition, the collaborator of We’ll see has commented on the program that Carlo Costanzia’s niece He had a “macho” and “classist” attitude in his last television appearance when she spoke about her future plans with the Italian actor, with whom she has agreed to live under the same roof.

Mar Flores’ son lives in a ground floor apartment in the Vallecas neighborhood while Alejandra has rented an apartment in the Aravaca area, one of the best in Madrid. At the moment they have not revealed whether the Italian will move in with his girlfriend or if they will look for a new home, more suited to their new needs and, above all, those of the child they will have in common.

Lequio then considered that Alejandra was “classist” for not feeling, according to him, worthy of living in a house like the one her boyfriend lives in.“She said that because she doesn’t consider herself worthy of living in a house with that one,” he explained, also calling her “sexist” because “Carlo should pay for the house and not her.” Finally, he concluded: “Real life is not that privileged world where she has lived until now. And to fish you have to get your feet wet.”