Voting is open to change the name of the Cadiz stadium

It is already a reality. The Ramón de Carranza stadium has one week left to live with that name. The Cádiz City Council has already opened the participatory process for the people of Cadiz to vote for their new name. This vote will be available until next Sunday, October 25 at midnight.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

The proposals they can choose from are ‘Gadir’, ‘City of Cádiz’, ‘De La Laguna’, ‘Gades’, ‘Nuevo Mirandilla’, ‘Bahía de Cádiz’, ‘La Pepa’ and ‘La Tacita de Plata’. Voters will have to rate 3, 2 and 1 point on three of the options in order to complete the application. Among these options is the new name of the stadium so far called Ramón de Carranza. Voting is telematic through the web Of course, only those people who are of legal age and are registered in the city of Cádiz may participate, thus leaving out of this process to members of the Cadista club who do not live outside the capital of Cadiz. The reason offered by the City Council is that Cádiz CF itself has not provided the data of its subscribers to be able to check them once the vote has been carried out.

We recall that the decision of the Cádiz City Council to change the name of the municipal stadium is due to comply with the Historical Memory Law. From the Consistory they affirm that the name of the former mayor of the city, Ramón de Carranza, during the civil warHe is related to the Franco regime and the repression of the people of Cadiz. In a week, the municipal stadium of Cádiz will be renamed.