Sheriff You couldn't go to bed happier: “We are happy with the game we played, I have many reasons to be very happy. From here, I have to congratulate my players for the work done tonight, “said the Oriotarra with a smile from ear to ear.

La Real ends up leading the day six, something that did not happen further from the day two since the year of the runner-up. Sheriff downplays the feat: “With so many games it is normal to have more points than other teams,” he laughs. He argued that “it is the result of the work we are doing, I am happy with the attitude of everyone in all the games,” he added. The coach thinks that “I said that football was not being fair to us, the goals did not arrive at the beginning when we deserved them, but I knew that they were going to arrive because of the quality we have and finally we are right, that is much easier”, remarked.

Sheriff understands that “the first half has been equalized, the two teams were looking for possession of the ball, but I think that in the final stretch of the first half we were better and more successful.” After going through the dressing room, Real “has been better on the pitch than Betis, all the changes have given us a lot”.

Well refereed

TO Imanol
Sheriff they asked him about the controversial plays of the match. The oriotarra, who “you know that I don't usually get wet”, was concrete: “Although I don't like to talk when we lose or win, according to what they tell me the two plays are well refereed and whistled, there are times that the referees make mistakes but today I think they were right, “he said forcefully. He broke both plays. “Before the grab of Robin there is a clear grasp of Sanabria and before that, a clear foul on Silva before the ball reaches Tello”. He also spoke of the offside: “It is well whistled,” he said again.

The referees are wrong but I think they were right today

Betis' was the first of seven games in just over 20 days. A bull that Real wants to grab by the horns: “It is impossible to go better to Europe, we have to go day by day and face all the games as if it were the last,” he added Imanol. Now it's time to “rest” and “analyze again the many things that we have done well, you have to see how the players are, but it is clear that a game like this is prepared much better, after winning in this way”.


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