“Vinicius relieves us”

The Director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid attended the cameras of Movistar after the game:

Emblem / Flag Real Madrid

Is Mariano now ahead of Jovic and Bale?: “Overall the second part has been sensational. Mariano was the first ball he played and is phenomenal for him and for us. Zizou he says that everyone is important and has been proven once again. “

First saving part of Courtois: “Barça is a very dangerous team and when they are in three quarters, they accelerate. There, Courtois has been brilliant on a couple of occasions. It should also be mentioned that in the second part he has barely intervened, which says a lot about the team”

Vinicius claim: “I always say, you have to play in this stadium, you have to play against Barcelona and being young. It always causes uncertainty in the opponent and relief. He has closed his game so decisive in his game of attack with that goal and hopefully it is a release for him. Permanently generates scoring chances in all matches and that is not easy. What doubt is that it is great news that has marked. “

Moment of the season: “The squad is very complete and everyone is available. Zidane chooses. It's great news that Mariano has scored because we are going to need everyone. Every game is a final, we are at the critical moment of the season. Everyone has to help and Mariano has done so decisively. Happy for the players. These weeks we have had adverse results, many without deserving them. We have to be united until the last game. “