Real Madrid and Barça generate more money than 14 countries

If he Classic It was a state, it would have more economic power than 14 countries on the planet. Between Real Madrid and Barcelona last year they generated 1,596 million euros, more than the Gross Domestic Product of economies such as Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Dominica and Micronesia … An indication of what will be on the pitch today.

Emblem / Flag Real Madrid

With those almost € 1.6 billion in revenue, the white club and the Barça club head the world ranking prepared by the Deloitte audit and the two alpha males of Spanish football whose accounts grow steadily. Madrid expects a total revenue increase this season of 8.6 percent (65 million) and Barça, 5.8% (€ 57M).

Coat of arms / Flag Barcelona

Two superpowers eager to expand their fronts to generate income. Because the economic pitch of clubs has long since ceased to be in Spain. “Real Madrid is a universal club”, Florentino Pérez usually leads his speeches; Bartomeu speaks of “undeniable global projection”. With social networks as a lever (the profiles of both clubs add 478.5 million followers in the main networks) and an effect also called through television broadcasting (650 million viewers watched the last Classic), the drag capacity of Madrid and Barça is enormous.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​a Classic between two economic superpowers.

More visitors than tourists in Ecuador

Not counting the box office of the matches at the Bernabéu and the Camp Nou, the tours organized by both clubs (the Tour of the Bernabéu – the ticket price costs € 25 – and the Camp Nou Experience – the basic visit is € 26 -) receive 2.3 million visitors together every year. A figure that exceeds, if we make an analogy at the tourist level, the number of visitors that receive countries such as Slovakia (2.2 million), Ecuador (1.7 million), Nigeria (1.9 million) and Lebanon (1.8 million).

The Classic is a planetary event and the great exponent of two clubs that transcend borders, also economically.