Villarreal finalizes the signing of Estupiñán

Emery assured on Friday that Villarreal would go to the market in case you find a player who will improve and empower your team. In addition, he recognized that the priority was to sign a left back. After Alberto Moreno's injury, the idea of ​​the club was to ensure the continuity of Alfonso Pedraza in the entity, to which added the need to look for a side with a profile similar to Moreno's.

The intended side, as advanced by the Mediterranean newspaper, is the Ecuadorian Pervis Estupiñán, for which the La Plana club is also willing to make a significant outlay. In fact, Villarreal is close to closing his transfer. After a first contact at the beginning of this week in which an agreement was not reached with Watford, the team that has the player's rights, The people of Castellón put on the table the 15 million that the English asked for to be able to close the operation.

Villarreal Shield / Flag

It remains to be clarified if that amount is for 100% of the player's rights or if the English team remains an option before a possible sale. However, the signing of Estupiñán is already taking the necessary speed to be able to have it done and closed in the next few hours. Villarreal's bet is high, but Estupiñan is 22 years old and has an important future, to which it should be added that it can have a high transfer in the long term.

By that future projection and, by the need to prop up the left wing, it is understood the effort made by the Castellón team to sign Estupiñán. Also, Emery values ​​Pedraza as an interior or extreme, which means that the Cordoba footballer can act in both positions and, therefore, the ownership as a winger will be for the Ecuadorian.