Villarreal-Barcelona Setién: “I understand the VAR less and less”

How do you judge the trident party?

Messi, Suárez and Griezmann are players of impressive quality. We were looking for more to come inside and it worked out well for us ”

What do you think of Bartomeu's statements about the VAR?

I am not going to comment on the president, I have not listened to him. If the president says it, what am I going to say?

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What are the improvements to the equipment compared to other outings?

We look for solutions with respect to the rival, they are not always the same for the opponents. The most significant thing today is to score, which clears up the picture a lot. We have had very good phases in other games, but without today's success. Today we have surprised. The success makes the differences, because we had made good games.

Why hasn't the team played like today before?

All parties are different. Today we have had everything. We have overcome them from the inside out, we have arrived with people to the auction. Other teams like Atlético or Sevilla, firmer in defense created more problems for us. Perhaps they were stronger than this. This helps us a lot in confidence. We have pressed very well and we have not allowed them to leave. We have made a very balanced match. I would have liked to be right before.

How do you rate Griezmann?

Frankly good his party. He has associated himself very well and has been gaining confidence and I am very satisfied as I suppose he will be after the goal so beautiful that he has marked that has reminded me of one of Messi at Betis.

Do you trust the VAR?

I understand it less and less.

What has Sergi Roberto contributed?

He has made a spectacular match, gives us immense desire and fulfills in all positions. I was enjoying a midfielder and I was sorry to put him at the end but Nelson needed rest.

Without VAR or with other criteria, would Barça be the leader?

I think it is a tool that makes football fairer, but I think it is not enough for the interpretation that is made.

Do you think there has been a penalty on Mata and Rañul from Real Madrid?

I consider many things, but I'm not going to comment on them today.