And this is not Sergio Ramos' aggression either?

The collegiate González González and the VAR, with Gil Manzano in front, have been the main protagonists of today's match in San Mamés between Athletic and Real Madrid. The Whites have taken another step towards the League title by adding a victory by the minimum against the Bilbao team (0-1), but they have done so after both the field referee and his colleague from video arbitration have seen a penalty in a very doubtful action between Dani García and Marcelo and, on the other hand, they have not indicated maximum penalty another stomp from Sergio Ramos to Raúl García.

But not only have those two actions been controversial, but the referees have not seen either one more than clear aggression from Sergio Ramos to Dani García, when the white central striker hits the neck and knocks down the Atletico midfielder inside the Bilbao area.

The images that he has posted on his Twitter account @ ZB_Media_06 leave no room for doubt and serve to confirm the terrible refereeing that has been seen today in San Mamés.