Villar: “They kicked me out of the federation and put me in jail”

“An inmate told me: ‘You’ve won all the titles, but you’re missing one, that of a prisoner,'” said the former president of the RFEF

“With me we won everything, this is success; now I am already a zero to the left”


The former president of the Royal Spanish Federation (RFEF) Ángel María Villar affirmed that he was “thrown out” of the federation and “put him in jail” and celebrated that during his time the national teams won “everything”, including the ‘triplete’ ‘ of the Eurocups of 2008 and 2012 and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and that now he is a “zero to the left”.

“They kicked me out of the federation, I didn’t want to leave, and they put me in jail. I spent 12 days, it’s not pleasant, but within the unpleasantness, you learn things. In jail, they put me in the shower and they gave me Vaseline and condoms”, he said at a round table at the LIX Congress of the Spanish Sports Press Association (AEPD) at the Auditorium and Cultural Center of La Nucía (Alicante).

Ángel Villar, who was also present this Monday at the AEPD National Sports Gala at the Camilo Cano Sports City in La Nucía, indicated that he has tried to learn from everything in life. “Deep down I have felt loved. I am 73 years old and I have been linking the world of football for 60. I have been everything as a player and as a leader,” said the president of the RFEF for three decades, from 1998 to 2017.

Villar confessed that he has the “heart of a trade unionist”, recalled that he founded the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) and revealed that, if he had been a journalist, he would also have been a “unionist”.

Regarding his internment in prison, he pointed out that after the medical and psychological examinations, he entered a module together with the former president of the Community of Madrid Ignacio González. “An inmate told me: ‘You’ve won all the titles, but you’re missing one, the prisoner’. Well, I’ve already won them all,” he revealed.

In the ‘final stretch’ of life, the former head of the Spanish football federation declared himself “above everything”. “I want peace at the end of life. It’s not worth fighting for. We have a good team and I’m very happy for Luis de la Fuente, who was my teammate and I hired him in the lower categories of the federation,” he said.

In his opinion, football has risen in level and he congratulated himself for having “chosen well” the national coaches -eight during his tenure-, and although his team is Athletic Club “the best team in the world is Real Madrid”.

The Super Cup moves, according to him, only by “economic parameters”. “They also offered us a lot of money, but my opinion was always no. I gave away the Super Cup in the summer (the federation received 140,000 euros) so that the fans could see the signings at home. Now it has become a tournament for Saudi Arabia, it’s not a competition. It’s a different philosophy,” he lamented.

Likewise, he was “totally” against the Super League and called the behavior of its promoters “selfish” because it would “harm” the rest of the competitions. “I am not the soul of the president of UEFA. I was president and I never said it at that time because Platini was sanctioned and I was the first vice president. I don’t know what Ceferin thinks about the ‘Barcelona case’. I don’t think so,” he commented.


José María Enríquez Negreira appointed former vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees during his time as president of the RFEF. “One of the important things is loyalty and fidelity. I’m not talking about the ‘Negreira case’. Because any demonstration is projected because it is prosecuted and it can harm human beings,” he declared.

Currently, Villar defines himself as an anchorite who eats fruit once a day for breakfast and dinner and takes long walks of about three hours a day. “Now I am already a zero to the left. In 30 years I have been presented with 20 criminal actions. I only have one left to resolve. I do not wish it on anyone. They have all been filed. I have just enough for a fool. Now that I have won, I don’t I’m going to spend my money against the one who has filed a false complaint against me. I’m not an asshole,” he said.

He does not like that the VAR does not allow celebrating the goals instantly and cancels the assistants. “The VAR has not made football fairer. The rule is universal, but with the VAR universality is broken because in non-professional football there is none,” he compared.

Regarding the 2010 World Cup, apart from playing well, Spain was “lucky” and stated that the term limitation is “bad”. “Success generates envy and this brings very undesirable consequences for the successful. With me we won everything, this is success. Criticism made a construction. In the files on file they have not restored my health, honor, work or the money. I had not done anything. Of 20 actions, 19 were archived. That is my truth,” he stressed.


Villar sided with former national soccer coach Luis Enrique Martínez in his relationship with the media and did not feel upset with his successor in office, Luis Rubiales. “I sometimes understand Luis Enrique’s reaction to the press. There are journalists who are only going to screw around. Rubiales hasn’t done anything to me. I’m in my final period of life. He who messes with me has the problem” , affected.

For the former Basque manager, the positions of president of the RFEF and LaLiga are very difficult. “Love and hate have no knowledge. I have not had a relationship with Thebes, but if professional football chooses him, it will be good. That does not mean that I share certain issues with him, that I do not share them. At my age I do not I want to prime. I’m not worried that now more will enter LaLiga or the federation,” he said.

The definition of ‘Villarato’ assumed it “with sportsmanship”. “What Relaño invented was an unfounded mistake. The Villarato was that the referees, as they knew my opinion of Barcelona’s defense, did not need to be directed to them. And now the opposite has been shown. Do you think that arbitration activity is manipulable? “It’s impossible. It has no foundation. And I’m not going to talk about the ‘Relañato,'” he concluded.