Jorge Javier reacts against the evangelical pastor who supports Feijóo and offers “retreats” to “heal” homosexuality

With the countdown to the next regional elections on May 28 and the general elections in 2023, political parties offer events in all corners of the Spanish geography. This Saturday, the Popular Party organized an event in Madrid in which it intervened in the start Yadira Maestre, evangelical pastor and founder of the Cristo Viene Church in the Madrid neighborhood of Usera. The leader of the popular, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Also the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusoand the mayor of the capital, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida.

Jorge Javier Vazquez He has given his opinion on the matter. All as a result of information published in the last hours about the evangelical pastor. “The sect of the evangelical pastor that supports Feijóo offers ‘spiritual retreats’ to ‘heal’ homosexuality”, reads the headline that the Badalona communicator has shared on his social networks.

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Inside the news Public assures that the evangelical group that Yadira Maestre represents “offers indoctrination about “sexual immorality” to its followers.” They also explain that “at the end of April it will bring a Nigerian pastor to Fuenlabrada who claims to have ‘healed’ homosexual people.”

The presenter of Save me He has denounced on his social networks: “In other words, if they win they will destroy the legendary atmosphere of Madrid.” And he has added in this regard: “The act of the zumbada that says that it cures fagots has been paid for with European funds. How disgusting, damn.”

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The Mediaset presenter’s tweets on politics always generate an impact. At Telecinco, with the new Code of Ethics, you can no longer talk about politics in entertainment programs, but he takes advantage of his window on social networks to fight for causes that he considers just. He also does it on his podcast, Fortunato’s donkeyswhere he brought Íñigo Errejón (Más País) as his first guest.