Vilda, about the strike: “If we have been world champions, why don’t we have the best League?”


The soccer coach Jorge Vilda, dismissed last Tuesday as women’s national coach, commented this Thursday morning in an interview that “economic conditions are not the problem” that blocks the negotiation of the Collective Agreement for the players with the F League, with forecast of a strike by the unions.

“I follow all the First and Second duels. I am with them, the economic conditions are not the problem, but the stadiums, the conditions of the grass, the requirements that the teams have to have… If we have been world champions, what Why don’t we have the best League?”, reflected Vilda during an interview on the ‘Goles’ program on Radio Marca.

“It is not easy to balance the competition. It is key to have a good marketing and communication department. And that football can be seen in the open is very important to be able to sell the product,” he said about the state of League F, with negotiations stalled between the employers and the unions FUTPRO, AFE, Futbolistas ON, UGT and CC.OO.

In this context, Vilda declared that Real Madrid “is doing well” with its women’s section. “There is a good core of national players, with a great wardrobe and it is reflected in the internationals that the team has, as well as players who went through the lower categories and who triumphed in the World Cup,” she added.

“For me, I would be training tomorrow. But you don’t have to rush, calmly,” he stressed after being dismissed from the absolute women’s team. The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) decided it after Vilda applauded, on August 25, the speech against Jenni Hermoso made by the suspended president Luis Rubiales.

“I’m leaving proud of having worked my ass off to fight for the conditions of the soccer players, since I came in. Many times we knock on doors that are difficult to open, and that with a lot of work we have achieved it. I want it to be known that since 2018, with the President Rubiales’ entry, everything was easier. From that moment, what has been requested has been instantly available and this has helped a lot. The growth is obvious to perform at the highest level,” he said on Radio Marca.

“There were no reasons to dismiss me, I had to continue. At that time, if I had to step aside for the good of Spanish women’s football, I would,” said Vilda about the conflict with the 15 players who refused a while ago. year to be called until there are significant changes within the RFEF.

Lastly, Vilda analyzed her finally uncrystallized renewal. “It was a way of rewarding a lot and it’s normal when you win a World Cup. Everything was already discussed before, I was four years old plus one from before. I felt like a coach until 2028,” she recalled about Rubiales’ offer. “It is what my lawyers tell me, and more when there was already a prior and consensual agreement in the Assembly,” she settled.