Victoria Federica to her cousin Irene Urdangarin: “You take the car from your grandfather”

the dream of the Queen Doña Sofia to reunite his eight grandchildren in Marivent this summer was never on the table, beyond an illusion of the mother of the head of state.

It was published that the Emeritus had managed to convince Joy so that he would let his two daughters coincide with his six blood cousins, but false information turned out: neither the kings nor the infantas even considered getting together in Mallorca. Leonos and Sofía see their Urdangarin cousins ​​in Zarzuela much more than has been reported, since they visit the palace when they come to Madrid to see their grandmother and it is common for them to meet their two Borbón Ortiz cousins. However, Doña Letizia and Felipe VI do not want their daughters to get together more than is essential with Victoria Federica and Froilán, there is no explaining why.

In addition, this summer has been especially difficult for the Royal Family, with the entry of the princess into the Academy of Zaragoza to begin her military training, the imminent departure of the infanta Sofía to Wales, who also traveled to Australia with her mother to see to the heroines of our team becoming world champions, and with Don Felipe immersed in the political mess with rounds with the different leaders and other institutional obligations.

However, one of the best moments for the emeritus grandmother was attending graduation and the eighteenth birthday of her granddaughter Irene Urdangarin. In Geneva, Leonor and Sofía were absent, but she brought everyone else together.

For Doña Sofía, the only daughter of the Infanta Cristina is her right eye. Irene begins a crucial stage in her life, not only because she has come of age and left adolescence behind, but because she will now be able to drive, have fun like the adults, enter certain places and have a drink if she feels like it. .

Irene Urdangarin has been able to drive for a year, since in Switzerland a provisional license can be obtained at the age of 17. Of course she wants a car and He has gone to ask his grandfather in Abu Dhabi. As we have learned, during his very expensive graduation (The Emeritus scratched his pocket to pay for trips and rooms at the Four Seasons), his maternal grandfather commented that his granddaughter would have a car as soon as the permit was obtained and he was disappointed when he learned that in the country where he lives you can drive since she was 17. According to our source, Irene received advice from her cousin Victoria Federica: “Grandpa buys it for you,” they tell us that he told her while they were both partying.

It suits him very well, it gives him independence and will allow him to move when he starts university, which is now. Irene Urdangarin turned 18 on June 5, just days before graduating from the Swiss school where she completed high school and before starting her internship and later her university studies in hospitality at the EHL Hospitality Business School, in Lausanne.

The Urdangarin youngest has not stopped traveling, both in the company of her family, her new friends or her cousin, Victoria Federica, who at 22 is an expert party-goer. With Vicmor we won’t see her visiting museums or libraries but as a party professor she is ideal.

Paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather

Irene celebrated her mother’s birthday, on June 13, with the Infanta and her siblings in Córdoba, where Corpus Christi was also celebrated. In mid-August she met Victoria Federica at the Malaga Fair (there he told him about taking a car from Don Juan Carlos, according to what they leaked to us) and we found them in a karaoke, where the daughter of the Infanta Elena flirted with one of her friends, the son of the Argentine model Valeria Mazza. Before, both had been together watching bullfighting king rock, one of the right-handers that move the daughter of the Infanta Elena.

Irene has also traveled to Porto, in Portugal, together with a group of friends, before heading to Abu Dhabi to visit her grandfather, as anticipated Silvia Taules in The Confidential. But now we know that she visited King Emeritus Juan Carlos, to pamper him, get a little something out of him and if it can be to close the car model that Irene has fallen in love with and that it seems that she promised him in Geneva, as she has reminded him Victoria Federica. “You take the car from your grandfather,” he insisted to his cousin at the Malaga Fair.

Before going to Abu Dhabi, we saw Irene in a bikini, on the beach in Bidart, in the south of France, where she traveled with her mother and brother Miguel Urdangarin to visit her paternal grandmother, Claire Liebaert. And she also went to see her brother play Pablo Urdangarin with his new team, Granollers.

But despite such intense and eventful vacations, the daughter of Iñaki Urdangarin has had time to work. In July, Irene had to work for a few days at the reception of a hotel in Switzerland since these practices are an essential requirement to enter the Lausanne Hotel School, whose first year she will start this September.