Victoria Federica (22) has gone to Las Ventas this Wednesday, February 1, to collect an award that they have given him for his involvement with bullfighting. In addition, the daughter of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar collects an award on behalf of her friend king rocka bullfighter with whom she has been related on more than one occasion.

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For this very special event, the San Isidro Gala 2023, the niece of Felipe VI, who has received the Youth and Bullfighting award, has opted for an outfit according to the circumstances: a black bullfighter-style jacket with gold embroidery and beige country-style pants. She has accompanied the set with a luxury bag from Christian Dior.

As they have advanced in And now Sonsoles, the granddaughter of Mr. Juan Carlos and Mrs. Sofía collects his award and also that of his friend Roca Rey, Figure Award of the season. The 26-year-old Peruvian bullfighter has not been able to attend because he has bullfighting commitments in his homeland. Who better than his good friend to collect the award… In the bullrings they have already shown their great complicity, since he has given her the occasional bull in recent years. The first in 2018 and several this past summer.

more guests

Among the attendees who have met in the Madrid arena are also Jose Ortega Cano, Glory Camilla, Miguel Abellan (with whom the latter was related), Omar Montes o Juan del Val, who has declared himself passionate about bullfighting on more than one occasion. of the political world, Dew Monastery e Ivan Espinosa de los Monterosfrom Vox.

Vic was also related to Omar Montes

With Roca Rey she went to Peru, where she was received as one of the family, and the singer of Pan Bendito followed him to Galicia to enjoy one of his concerts. Of course, from the backstage and completely integrated into the singer’s team. Rumors about a possible relationship between Vic and the bullfighter or Vic and Chabelita’s ex stayed at that.

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Froilán’s sister has fulfilled this bullfighting commitment after firing her great-uncle Constantino on January 16 in Greece. Then, as posted Informalia exclusively, he headed to Abu Dhabi with his mother and his brother, who lives with his grandfather Juan Carlos in the Emirates after being involved in the famous knife fight.