Isabella Preysler He opened the melon (and went through the box) on December 28, April Fool’s Day, by announcing his break with the Nobel Prize for Literature in his leading magazine. After more than a month, the author of The city and the Dogs He will talk about this and other matters, although they assure that he will not “attack” the queen of hearts.

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Thus, this Saturday an interview will be published that Mario Vargas Llosa has been granted to a newspaper with a national circulation. In it, as they have advanced in the Sonsoles Ónega program on Antena 3, he will not evade the lurid subject of his breakup. “He talks about Isabel Preysler. With esteem for her. She will never attack her,” they have stressed.

The author of The party of the goat Until now, he has only denied the version that Isabel gave of the breakup, that of the alleged unfounded jealousy. Mario’s environment also explained that the different lifestyles of the two marked the beginning of the end.

On the other hand, the writer himself, after being asked a few days ago by the press stationed at his house, assured that his story The winds, published in 2021, has no autobiographical overtones. According to him, he did not write it as “revenge” against Tamara Falcó’s mother. In this fable he wrote: “Every night, it seems incredible, since I committed the madness of abandoning my wife, I think of her and remorse assails me. I think I only did one thing wrong in life: abandoning Carmencita for a woman that it wasn’t worth it. Every night I think of her and ask her forgiveness.”

And he added: “It was a crush on the pichula, not the heart. Of that pichula that no longer serves me at all, except to pee.” We must remember that curiously Carmen is the first name of his first wife and the mother of his three children, Patricia Llosa.

Mario and Patricia

The Nobel Prize winner will experience one of the most important acts of his career on February 9 in Paris, when he becomes the first Latino to enter the French Academy. Mario Vargas Llosa wants to share it with all his family and even King Juan Carlos is on his guest list, who has confirmed his attendance.

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This Tuesday, in addition, an unexpected guest on that precious list leaked: Patricia Llosa. Her son Álvaro, in addition, already revealed on Twitter that they were together a few months ago, before the Nobel Prize broke and the mother of Tamara Falcó.