Victoria Federica, protagonist of a fight at a music festival with a tiktoker: “She went crazy”

Victoria Federica steals the spotlight at a music festival. Accustomed to attracting attention for her looks in each event, this time, the daughter of the Infanta Elena is in the news for starring in a possible clash with a tiktoker. The person involved tells it on her own social networks.

“I accidentally bumped into her and when I turned to apologize I realized that she looked at me terribly. I didn’t know who she was, my friends told me it was Victoria Federica,” the affected woman began explaining on her Tik Tok account.

Far from being a small dispute, luck was not on the side of the young women and they both met again the next day. “I met her again in the line for the portable bathrooms and she yelled at me not to get in. We started arguing and to stop it I closed the bathroom door. Then, she started banging on the door and opened it, I She took me out holding my arm and I threw the beer on her. She went crazy and started yelling at me, I started laughing because it seemed like a surreal situation,” she says without half measures.

According to the version of the young tiktoker, the daughter of Jaime Marichalar He started yelling at her again that he didn’t know who she was and that she was going to find out. “I already got angry and when she went into the bathroom I did the same thing, banging on the door,” she said.

To date, Victoria Federica has not wanted to comment on these accusations. The niece of King Felipe VI He has just returned from Milan Fashion Week, where he attended the Dior show this Tuesday with his father. Her look was much commented on, since she reached a whopping figure of 45,000 euros.