Victoria Federica makes the leap as an actress: she has signed a project with a well-known production company

She began her artistic career as an influencer in the world of social media and her success (and her last name) took her to the world of fashion, where she has starred in campaigns, endorsed brands and posed for magazines such as Vogue. But Victoria Federica wants more. After signing for The challenge In an edition that has not yet seen the light, Froilán’s sister makes the leap to television fiction: “It will be part of an audiovisual production that is still in the development phase.”

According to Week, the project is in the casting phase, looking for the actors and actresses who will participate in it. However, Victoria Federica already had the doors open and has not done any tests: “She was contacted directly to join the project”, they assure. The negotiations and procedures have been carried out in the “strictest secrecy” and very few people are aware of their participation in this new project: “Only a very small number of people were aware of the producer’s desire to tell with Victoria Federica”. The management team is very satisfied with the acceptance of the young woman, as they know of the undoubted promotion that her name implies.

At the moment it is unknown if Victoria Federica’s participation will be the protagonist, secondary or sporadic, but they do affirm that “it will give a lot to talk about”. Everything indicates that it could be an exceptional cameo to place the fiction in a good starting position for its premiere.

“I’m the shyest aunt in the world”

Victoria Federica’s presence in the media is increasing. She doesn’t usually give interviews, just a few pages in some very select magazines, but just two weeks ago she gave the surprise on the podcast Vicky Martin Berrocalwhere she answered the designer’s questions without hesitation: “There are many people who think that I am very forward, but in reality that is not at all, because I am the shyest aunt in the world, I am super short, it is difficult for me a lot to open up to people.”

She acknowledged that she has problems opening up to people because she doesn’t know if they approach her out of true affection or just interest and that she goes to psychological therapy: “It’s not something I do constantly, but I love it. It’s not therapy as such, I feel like I’m talking to a friend, and I recharge my batteries with her. I don’t do it often, maybe I should do it more. And fame is not easy to bear: “Sometimes I deprive myself of doing things, of going places. And if I go to dinner I am more aware of what is happening around me than of our conversation. Because I feel that there is someone “I feel uncomfortable. There are times I feel caged. There are many headlines that are not true, many that are made up and those are the ones that really affect me.”