Okuda gives the Spanish Paralympic team two pieces of art to promote the Paris Games


The president of the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE), Miguel Carballeda, presented this Thursday two adaptations of the work ‘Estrella del Kaos’ that its creator, the urban artist Óscar ‘Okuda’ San Miguel, has given to the Spanish Paralympic team for its promotion throughout the summer during the next Games in Paris (France).

This collaboration between the CPE and Coloring the World Foundation, the entity from which Okuda works, will allow the work donated by the artist to be applied to the clothing that the Paralympic athletes will wear in Paris and also to be used in other promotional materials that Take the CPE ahead of the Paris event.

During the presentation event, held at Okuda’s Factory of Dreams workshop in the Madrid neighborhood of Usera, Carballeda highlighted “the values ​​that unite both parties: effort, sacrifice, teamwork and solidarity.” Thus, the artist delivered his ‘Star of Kaos’ both in painting and sculpture format.

“We are clear, Óscar, that we are not going anywhere alone. It costs much more and, when we find good traveling companions committed to actions, they have a greater impact on society. I believe that we can collaborate from the Paralympic Committee in the world of culture In this case of urban design, which we have always liked,” said Carballeda.

“We have many people, women and men with disabilities who are among the best Paralympic athletes in the world, we feel proud. But we always want to accompany them with something more, something genuinely ours. And in this case we have chosen to wear something that distinguishes us and something from a unique creator that we have in our country, in this case Okuda,” declared the president of the CPE before journalists.

Then he praised the Cantabrian artist: “I think what you do is wonderful, it means joy and it is very important for people.” “We were completely right, Oscar, thank you for lovingly giving us your ‘Star of Kaos’, filling it with Paris and filling it with hope, filling it with cooperation, with sensitivity to athletes, I repeat, the best in the world, Spaniards with disabilities. I think that We are going to do better, we are going to be happier and we will win many medals, but we are also going to be the most handsome with the Oscar star,” Carballeda reiterated.

“I am very happy and I think it is one more step because each country and each team represents certain colors, one or two. I remember having done some collaboration with something about sports and it was never done because in my creation all the grass always appears chromatic. I think it was a Real Madrid shirt that in the end was not made, because there were too many colors for what they represent,” Okuda commented.

“I think that Spain is ahead because, with the problems of racism and these things that exist in sport, in some way the Spanish team represents all the colors and all the diversity, and that all the flags are one, I think which is something to applaud,” added the artist from Santander.

The event was attended by Paralympic athletes Sara Revuelta (chair basketball), María Manzanero (judo), Jose Cantero (swimming) and Andrea Miguélez (triathlon), who enjoyed the urban artist’s installations for a while, checking out his work ‘in situ’ .