Victoria Federica made out with a blond boy in Madrid before the gaze of Irene Urdangarin

Mid-July, center of Madrid. Two young women in sweatshirts and hoodies walk into a well-known karaoke bar, accompanied by escorts who make sure no one approaches or photographs them. Is about Victoria Federica and his cousin, Irene Urdangarin. The party ended in style: the instagramer hooked up with an attractive blonde with whom she wasted passion in one of the most discreet areas of the pub.

At 22 and 18 years old respectively, Vic and Irene have left behind the girls’ games and the seafaring days in the Puerto Náutico de Mallorca, where they shared sailing classes. The cousins ​​are still very close but their hobbies have changed and now they hold hands at night parties, according to And now Sonsoles. “Victoria and Irene arrived together but the former was seen shortly after kissing a tall blond boy who came in the group, they already knew each other. We don’t know if he is the boyfriend or a summer love “.

After reaching the age of majority, Irene could become the best party companion for Victoria although, for the moment, everything indicates that the daughter of Iñaki Urdangarin and the Infanta Cristina will maintain a discreet profile from Switzerland, where she will begin her studies in a very elite hotel center that trains its students to be future directors and managers of important hotel complexes.

Victoria, meanwhile, has become the queen of the party. First in Ibiza, where she showed off boats and jet skis with her friends, and now in Marbella, where she has become a regular presence at the Starlite Gala, where she auctioned off her dress a few nights ago. This Wednesday, in addition, she accompanied her great friend Roca Rey in La Malagueta, her return to the ring after recovering from her last catch.