Rodolfo Sancho, overwhelmed, asks Daniel’s friends not to talk to the media

The Spanish defense of daniel sancho he has asked the media to keep up the monitoring and pressure on the case but the family is overwhelmed. The latest statements about the chef, by a friend and his martial arts teacher, have exhausted the patience of his father, Rodolfowho has contacted his son’s inner circle to make a request.

According to This is lifethe actor “He does not want to give any statement and has asked his son’s friends not to give any statement to the media”. And it is that there are many who have responded these days to the questions of the media about what happened. Almost everyone agrees that they are surprised because the chef could have committed such an atrocity (“He is an educated boy, from a good family… We did not expect it”) although others remember that he had a very difficult adolescence, even stating that “his father he was fed up because he was always getting into fights at school.”

The last to speak was his Muay Thai teacher who trained Daniel in Madrid: “He came a little but he did train. He was at the end of April and he was in May and June. He was pleasant, polite and a good person. Nothing aggressive,” he assured. “He was a normal kid. It’s really surprising when you see that because you don’t expect it. The world has gone crazy.” Luis still does not come out of his amazement: “I don’t quite believe it but the logic is there, justice is there and pay what you have to pay. She is a bitch because he is very young.” And he adds: “There is much comment here, but it is not understandable. If they do not show it to me and what has happened has happened, I do not believe it. Impossible. I wish him the best because I have known him for years.”

Rodolfo appreciates the respect for Silvia Bronchalo

On the other hand, the actor’s closest circle has also contacted the media to thank the respect and space that Spanish reporters have granted Silvia Bronchalo upon her arrival, this Thursday, at the Koh Samui prison, Where did you visit your son? The journalists have agreed not to ask Daniel’s mother any questions and Rodolfo, through a friend, has sent a message: “He wants to thank the press that we have had that respect for a mother who is suffering one of the worst days of her life.”