Vicky Martín Berrocal denies her breakup with Enrique Solís by sharing her first image on social media

With a ‘click’. This is how the Andalusian designer has denied the rumors that pointed to a breakup with the businessman, with whom she has been dating since last February. Vicky Martin Berrocal She closed her mouth this Friday by sharing the first image with her boyfriend, Enrique Soliswho appears with a splendid smile. “How good it is when you are good”she wrote next to the image.

The news about the rift between Manuel Díaz El Cordobés’ ex and Tamara Falcó’s ex emerged last Tuesday. They claimed that the couple had had a notorious disagreement during the April Fair, where numerous witnesses would have seen Solís ‘fooling around’ with other girls in the absence of Vicky Martín Berrocal. She was informed of what happened as soon as she set foot in Seville and after a tense conversation, they decided to take a break. The rumors seemed to be confirmed shortly after in El Rocío, where the designer went in the company of her daughter and other friends of hers.

The romance between Vicky and Enrique began from the most absolute discretion, but it did not take long for it to come to light, since in mid-February they were seen celebrating Valentine’s Day together. “What a joy to be caught having fun and being happy. I’m always working, for one day I go out and have a good time…”, said the former model before the press, laughing. “There are the photos,” she admitted. A few days later they went to Rome, a city where they did tourism between kisses, hugs and continuous gestures of affection, as could be seen in some photographs that she published. Holaand after which both parties remained silent.

They also enjoyed a few days at Easter with a romantic getaway to San Sebastián. A trip of disconnection between nature, walks and exquisite culinary delicacies, which they boasted about on social networks. Solís was Vicky’s first boyfriend after her breakup with the Portuguese businessman João Viegas. They were together for three years and she even moved to live in the neighboring country. However, coexistence did not work out and they put an end to their courtship in 2022.