Vargas Llosa recovers his wife and his health and forgets Isabel Preysler, “a madness of maturity”

A year ago at this time, Isabella Preysler y Mario Vargas Llosa they shared days of rest and fasting at the Buchinger clinic in Marbella. They had also done it in previous years and, during their stay, they had been joined by Tamara Falcó, often fighting to hold the line. The years that his relationship with Preysler lasted, Patricia Llosa, the writer’s cousin and ex-wife, did not stop frequenting the Buchinger, although evidently on different dates than Isabel and Mario, so as not to coincide with them. In recent months, Vargas Llosa, Patricia, Isabel Preysler and Tamara have entered and exited this prestigious health and diet center without passing each other, as if through the revolving door in a sitcom. In June, Tamara Falcó and her mother decided to enter Buchinger together to get in shape for the wedding of the Marquise de Griñón with Íñigo Onieva.

A year has passed and everything is back where it used to be. A few days ago, this journalist met Vargas Llosa and Patricia very early in the morning, walking in front of the Puente Romano hotel, in the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile. It is there that the Buchinger bus leaves its patients, so that they can take a long fasting walk before returning to continue their treatment. The Peruvian author looked good, having passed, at the age of 87, another episode of Covid 19 at the beginning of July. A scare for which he had to be admitted for a week in a health center in Madrid. Once recovered, Patricia and Mario went to Sicily, a cultural trip like so many others they enjoyed in the good old days.

The Nobel Prize winner, about to publish his next novel, has returned to his matrimonial home, to his customs and to forget the five years that his last love affair lasted. They say from the family environment that for him Isabel Preysler is only “a bad memory, a mistake of maturity, a madness that was about to cost him his health and separate him from his loved ones.”

His children Morgana and Álvaro are the ones who were most opposed to the idyll with Miguel Boyer’s widow and who have shielded their father from the temptation (now overcome) to talk to Isabel and kindly clarify the reason for what was a sudden break. and nasty. They are also the ones who have supported Patricia the most when the writer abandoned her for Isabel.