Vargas Llosa, center of ridicule in networks after Bolsonaro’s defeat in Brazil: “The one who is messing around”

Mario Vargas Llosa publicly supported the ultraconservative Jair Bolsonarowhich this Sunday, October 30, lost the elections in Brazil against Lula Da Silvaof the Workers’ Party.

The writer has also supported other conservative politicians who have lost at the polls in their respective countries. For this reason, Isabel Preysler’s boyfriend has become a trend on Twitter, where there are comments for all tastes.

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“The best antidote to combat the extreme right is called Vargas Llosa”, “Vargas Llosa is the inverse King Midas, everything he touches goes to shit”, “God grant that Vargas Llosa lives for many, many years and continues to jinx fascists supporting them” or “The one Vargas Llosa is messing with”, some have written.

The Nobel Prize for Literature winner said a few months ago about Bolsonaro: “Bolsonaro’s case is very difficult. Bolsonaro’s antics are very difficult for a liberal to admit. Now, between Bolsonaro and Lula, I prefer Bolsonaro. With Bolsonaro’s antics Bolsonaro is not Lula.” He also added that “there is a kind of infatuation with Lula, especially in Europe,” although he recalled that he “was in prison” and that the Brazilian justice system convicted him “as a thief.” Lula, who was also Brazilian president from 2003 to 2011, entered prison in April 2018 and was released in November 2019 on a corruption conviction.

the author of The city and the Dogs he has also supported other conservative politicians and leaders such as Mauricio Macri in Argentina, to Charles Table in Bolivia or Alberto Fujimori in his native Peru. In Spain he has shown his sympathy for Paul Marriedretired from the political arena, and by other popular leaders such as Isabel Diaz Ayusopresident of the Community of Madrid.