Varapalo for Jordi González and Anne Igartiburu: TVE cuts their Heart after the audience batacazo

“We have to do something”, said those responsible for TVE after the audience debacle of the television program gossip that they present on the weekends, before the 3:00 p.m. Newscast, Anne Igartiburu y Jordi González, that he marked in his last delivery just over 5%. No sooner said than done. Since this same Saturday, February 3, and with only four editions issued, D Heart will no longer be on the screen at 1:30 p.m.: Jose Pablo Lopez has had no choice but to back down and 'amputate' the first 30 minutes to stop the gangrene: in a desperate attempt to save the furniture, the monstrosity that has replaced the classic Heart It will start at 2:00 p.m. A half-hour cut with which the director of General Contents of RTVE intends to save what already seems unsalvageable, although it will save time.

It was the same Monday, after learning the terrible data from the weekend, when The managers met and made the decision that they immediately communicated to the space team., although many were on weekly rest. At this stage, The nervousness and sloppiness among the format workers is palpable. Internal sources confirm to us that almost no one believes in the project anymore. Not even the presenters who, as we already pointed out, have zero chemistry, no matter how much they insist on saying that this is not the case (it would be nice if they recognized it publicly).

Anne herself had to be absent from the live show in two of the four installments of the program because the recording of Dance as you can, the new talent of prime time that José Pablo has commissioned from Zeppelin (Banijay Iberia) will also be recorded some day during the weekend. Igartiburu, at first, fought not to have to leave Jordi alone in what he considered his space. (she has been sole empress of Heart), but when he saw that it was not negotiable he threw in the towel. The Basque never understood that such a long-running program with an audience of more than 8% and a low budget would undergo such a radical change by adding talk shows, something that she does not like, even adding one more presenter.

The cut is forced after only four programs broadcast, which shows the impossibility of maintaining the format as it is with the current audience data.

TVE has had no choice but to throw in the towel and cut back D Heart con only four programs broadcast in the face of humiliating audience data obtained by the new magazine presented by Jordi González and Anne Igartiburu, which, as we said, has not been in half of the deliveries.

From Informalia We preview TVE's plans to premiere this program and that the Catalan presenter was joining the Basque one, we also revealed when it would be released, how it had been named, or what its duration was going to be, and the signings of Carmen Lomana, Terelu Campos or Alba Carrillo. And everything has been fulfilled. We also recorded, after confirming it in different very well-informed sources, Anne Igartiburu's discomfort when she learned that Jose Pablo Lopez He imposed a co-presenter with whom he would have to share his child after half a lifetime saying “hello hearts” alone. Days ago, in an interview for The Spanish, The Basque woman recognized between the lines what she thinks: “I would have continued with Heart “always half an hour”he said, surrounding his statement with kind ornaments.

We got everything right, including the obvious lack of chemistry that these two drivers give off, whose styles are like an egg and a chestnut (the data is even worse when both are present). And it must be true that they don't get along very well no matter how much they hide. In fact, she has shied away from appearing with Jordi half of the time, with the implausible excuse that she had to record the talent in which they wanted to have Belén Esteban as a member of the jury, finally vetoed by the interim president of RTVE herself. Anne's absence due to the other recordings is an absurd excuse if we take into account that when she made Your face is familiar to me He was always like a nail on TVE so as not to miss his appointment with friendly gossip.

But what best reveals the lack of chemistry between the two new kings of televised gossip in the Public Corporation (in addition to seeing them together in action) is that both have volunteered to parade through the media to try to deny their lack of good vibes by staging a little theater that is comical. Who denies something like that unless it is true? They even had to record on video how well they get along.

The point is that with the latest audience data in just over a 5% share, With loyalty data on the floor (viewers flee) and dragging the 3:00 p.m. Weekend News News into the abyss, TVE has decided to cut the first half hour of the monstrosity, that is, leave it at 60 minutes instead of the 90 current. Which will not improve either your data or your pathetic battle with Socialite. Let's keep in mind that the program presented by María Verdoy on Telecinco has the same duration and the same theme, but is noticeably cheaper and is loaded with advertising. And even so It almost doubles the audience that we pay with public money. This cut will not solve but RTVE will buy time. Of course, with current audiences, the program cannot be sustained. And let's not even talk about the cost: Anne alone takes around 1,500 euros per program (we don't know if he gets paid when he doesn't go), and that's without counting Jordi's salary, the caches of the collaborators, as well as a director and a deputy director…

“When things don't work you have to remove them as soon as possible. If people don't put you on TV, you're not going to force them, you can't get angry. That's why we finished with that project,” said Jordi González himself this Wednesday in an interview with The world referring to Squarethe show that premiered at the beginning of the season and that RTVE canceled after only eight broadcasts.

In that interview, Jordi denies that he gets along badly with Anne but also says that D Corazón deals with “interesting content, it has rhythm and is agile, of course I see that.” Starting this Saturday, TVE cuts half an hour of “interesting content.”