The leadership of Antena 3 is unattainable for La 1 and Telecinco, which signs the worst January in its history

There are two leagues on television: Antena 3 plays in one, which has dominated for more than two years in an incontestable manner and at a great distance from its rivals; and in another there are La 1 and Telecinco, facing each other for second place in the ranking, which has once again fallen on the side of the public while the Mediaset channel continues to bleed.

In January, Antena 3 sweeps again with 13% on average, three tenths more than in December. Chain adds 27 consecutive months as leader of television and imposes an unbearable pace for its opponents: it scores 2.6 points on La 1 and 3.1 on Telecinco. The gap is outrageous if we take into account that there have been months in which victory has been decided by one hundredth.

As it's usual, Antena 3 dominates, maintaining its usual grid. You already know: on television, what works is left untouched. And almost everything works for Antena 3, which is why it does not need to make big changes to a very stable model that has been giving great results for some time. The chain has only introduced in recent weeks The challengewho wins on Fridays, Catch a million and the specials Pass wordwho are owners of Saturdays, and Between lands, which is giving great results on Thursdays. He has only clicked with the miniseries Serial Lover.

Thus, Antena 3 wins in the prime time slot – it has been at the top for 30 months thanks to formats such as Pasapalabra, the news program by Vicente Vallés or The Anthillin addition to the series Siblings– but he also does it after dinner (Love is forever), the afternoon (And now Sonsoles) and the morning from Monday to Friday.

La 1 improves and wins again against Telecinco

In the second league we were talking about are La 1 and Telecinco. The public chain closes January with 10.4%, four tenths more than in December. It is the sixth consecutive month that the public chain is above double digits. Besides, La 1 once again occupies second place in the audience ranking, ahead of Telecinco.

During the last few weeks, La 1 has received a large number of premieres on its schedule to try to maintain the level. He has launched Bake Off -with little success-, The law of the sea o Zorro have been some of its novelties. The new one has also started D Heart, which has sunk the weekend morning. On the opposite side, the public channel has had a great audience boost thanks to the four Copa del Rey football matches it has broadcast.

Worst January in history for Telecinco

Telecinco continues to have problems in January and, far from being solved, it seems that they are becoming more serious. The Mediaset chain closes the month with 9.9%one tenth less than in December. It is the worst January in its history. It is once again the third option, behind La 1, and returns to the single digit, as already happened for five months (from July to November) in 2023.

The Mediaset network is unable to make a comeback despite the flurry of premieres it had in January: The best generation (withdrawn), The village, The island of temptations (his great success), GH Duo y dancing with the stars. In addition, it has been the month of the launch of the new Telecinco News that, at the moment, are not producing results. In fact, the channel's news records its worst monthly historical datawith an average of 10.3%.

La Sexta continues ahead of Cuatro

Regarding the battle between La Sexta and Cuatro (another league), Atresmedia's second channel is still far ahead, with 6.3% compared to Cuatro's 5.5%. The good performance of La Sexta stands out Aruser@swhich has chained 19 uninterrupted months of leadership.