Valverde is the Roadrunner

Fede Valverde has achieved what many tried for years: go from promise to star in less than seven months. Madrid have only lost two games out of the 23 (8%) in which he started, while he was defeated in four of the 16 (25%) in which he started from the bench. Furthermore, their presence contributes to the attack: the Whites score 2.21 goals per game; a 1.31 without it.

Its staging has been enough to be vital for Zidane: He has played 2,068 minutes in the 32 games played with two goals and four assists. His 23 starts, some of them ahead of Kroos and Modric, lead him to be the eighth player most used by the French coach.

The icing on the cake has been the achievement of a new record: to be the fastest player in Madrid so far this season with 35.1 km / h. A brand with which he beats Vinicius (34.6), Carvajal (34.4), Mendy (34.3) and Bale (34.2).

Valverde has also beaten the 33.7 km / h of Christopher Ramos (the fastest in 2018-19) and is tied with Pedrosa (footballer for Espanyol) as the sprinter of the current league championship. A step below are Óscar (Leganés) and Hernani (Levante) with 35; Alex Moreno, Braithwaite, Canales, Ferran and Llorente with 34.9.

Valverde, faster than his Barça rivals

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

No player of the Barcelona beats Fede Valverde in speed. The one closest to him is the exculé Carles Pérez with 34.67 km / h, closely followed by Braithwaite 34.6 km / h, Dembelé 34.6 km / h, Semedo 34.5 km / h and Piqué 34.1 km / h. The case of the Danish striker is curious, but he achieved this mark when he played for Leganés and had more space behind him.

As a curiosity, in 2017 Cristiano found his top at 33.6 km / h. This Portuguese figure would not even enter the ranking of current Madrid. Advíncula appears on the Valverde road map: the Peruvian holds one of the records to beat in speed with a mark of 36.2 km / h when playing in Mexico.