The tricks of the Sion against the coronavirus that leave Song unemployed

The Swiss Sion is trying to adjust its budgets because of the coronavirus that has caused the breakdown of the Swiss League and many other competitions. The Swiss club asked its players for a salary cut and transition to a temporary contract at record speed and has ended up firing, without notice, up to nine players.

Alex Song, ex of Barça, Johan Djourou, ex of Arsenal and Seydou Doumbia, ex of Girona, along with six other teammates have been fired from the Swiss club, which has already received a formal complaint by letter from the Swiss players union.

As Blick newspaper explains, the club sent a letter in which he changed his contracts to temporary contracts with a maximum salary of 12,350 francs and gave at most on Wednesday at 12:00 to receive an affirmative response for these new contracts to take effect.

The players tried to contact their lawyers and their representatives to manage the situation and when they called the club they received no response to seek another solution to this situation. Not knowing what answer to offer or directly refusing, the president of Sion decided to terminate the contracts of all these players without warning them, justifying himself in an alleged “force majeure” cause.

The players' union has already asked the club to be immediately reinstated as this move is considered “abusive” and to find alternative ways to redefine their contracts during the hiatus rather than the applied one.

The president, Christian Constantin, replied to the union through a letter that they also publish in the Swiss press. “This is a war,” he said of the situation in the country to justify the dismissal of the players.