Valencia Basket dies on the shore against ASVEL

Valencia Basket dies on the shore against ASVEL

Mumbrú’s men fall from a free kick in a controversial final, second defeat at La Fonteta


Valencia Basket lost (76-77) in a painful way this Friday against ASVEL Villeurbanne on the second day of the Euroleague, from the free throw line after working on a comeback that did not come to fruition in a new defeat at La Fonteta .

Back at home, the Spanish team came out motivated in search of their first victory, after last week’s defeat against Baskonia, and liked it at times (27-16), without being able to imagine that Jonah Mathews would be their executioner in a controversial lack. Those of Mumbrú left a choral performance that swept the Gauls with dominance in rebounding, they flew at times led by Chris Jones, but in the second quarter the film changed from top to bottom.

The French box knew how to fit the blow and raised the level of intensity after being 13 points down. Thus, ASVEL returned the partial (11-26) with better accuracy and with the contribution of Kahudi, Obasohan and a good game by Fall in the paint.

Valencia took time to reconnect with the match and the French team threatened to leave at the start of the second half (38-48). Chris Webb III and Josep Puerto turned the score around along with Harper, but the rhythm was not that of the first quarter. Nando de Colo was multiplied in the French being key again Puerto in the premises, in addition to the encouragement of the stands.

The game pointed to a dramatic end, with the hoop spitting out the last chances of both teams. Lauvergne, ex Valencia, brought the victory closer to the Gauls, just like a De Colo who assumed his stripes. The tie at 76 was put by Harper, with a minute to go in which no one scored, and, in search of victory, the referees pointed out an attacking foul two seconds from the end.


–RESULT: VALENCIA BASKET, 76 – ASVEL VILLEURBANNE, 77. (38-42, at halftime).


VALENCIA BASKET: Prepelic (7), Jones (13), James Webb III (3), Claver (5) and Alexander (4) –starting quintet– Dubljevic (-), Pradilla (2), Rivero (15), Harper (10), Port (10), Radebaugh (7).

ASVEL VILLEURBANNE: Obasohan (13), De Colo (16), Lighty (9), Noua (2) y Fall (10) –initial quintet– Diot (-), Kahudi (9), Lauvergne (9), Lacombe (-), Matthews (9), Pons (-).

–PARTIALS: 27-16, 11-26, 21-20, 17-15.

–REFEREES: Pukl, Hordov and Radjokovic. Without eliminated.

— PAVILION: La Fonteta.