Patricia Donoso, lawyer and former friend of Ortega Cano: “We hooked up when Ana María was pregnant”

The woman from Cordoba who lives in Miami has participated this Friday in Deluxean impromptu but very juicy interview, since hours before, in Save mehad revealed that Ortega Cano and she had had an affair when Ana Maria Aldon was pregnant with little José María: “It all started with a purr.”

Patricia Donoso has expanded the details about her brief affair with the bullfighterwhich would have taken place ten years ago: “We made out, tongue kissing, but it didn’t go any further.” She realized that she did not want to go further during a trip on the AVE, when they were going to the farm that she had in Ciudad Real: “It turned out to be bland and very old, he wants to mark the times for women and I don’t go through there. We were going to take a picture and he put his hand inside my jeans, from behind and all the way down. He seemed grotesque to me. The next day I found out that Ana Maria was pregnant and I broke up with him.”

Patricia, who resumed contact with Ortega Cano to advise him in recent weeks and clean up his public image, assures that the bullfighter is influenced by his surroundings: “He has very fat swallows and very little shame. They manipulate him, he can not do anything if his daughter doesn’t let him. She has also commented: “He doesn’t have the balls he has to have because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t talk about the daughter of his wife like he does”. And he added: “I didn’t want to apologize to Jorge Javier because he doesn’t like fagots.”

Ortega Cano’s lawyers have sent a direct statement to respond to Patricia Donoso and deny that she would have prepared a statement for Ortega Cano in which he apologized for his behavior and announced that he was going to treat his mental health problems with specialists: “Our client has neither hired nor entrusted her with any work.” Regarding the rest of the statements, the right-hander himself has warned Donoso (married to a former adviser to Donald Trump) that her lawyers would take action on the matter: “You are a liar and a disgusting one.”