Valencia 4-Raise 2 | Manu Vallejo pulls Valencia

Mestalla quietly hosted a noisy derby. It was an electric game, back and forth, that at times anyone could win and due to mistakes both could lose. It was Manu Vallejo who endorsed the key blows, the final ones. His two goals knocked out Levante and gave Gracia his first win as coach of Ché. This is how Valencia completed the comeback, in a duel that Morales turned upside down at 32 seconds and in which Levante went ahead twice. But the granotas will have to wait for another occasion to desecrate Mestalla.

Not a single signing appeared in the Mestalla derby line-ups. In that of Grace, because there are none; in that of Paco López, because its strength lies in the continuity of the Aitor, Campaña and co. LaLiga added another baby to 'La Quinta del Virus': Yunus Musah (17 years old). First Briton to make his debut with Valencia in an official match, first of the many kids that the Navarrese coach will surely have to give minutes to out of necessity.

Yunus Musah will be of legal age on November 29, although who would say it by body and self-confidence. Two summers ago Yunus made the way in reverse from Ferran or Rodrigo. He changed the Premier for the League; Arsenal, for Valencia (their juveniles, of course). Pablo Longoria was the one who convinced him. He also signed Manu Vallejo. Gracia, beyond English, initially opted for Kang-in Lee (18 years old), his highest ranking newcomer, and Esquerdo (21), who also debuted in First, but could not enter the derby on a worse footing.

Esquerdo was the one who lost the ball that led Morales to score the earliest goal in the history of derbies, which last night lived its 29th chapter in First. Morales claimed that the old rockers also have a lot to say in this League. At 33 he signed two flag goals. Which one better, the truth. The first did so at 32 seconds into the game. Gracia could not even believe it, especially when his Valencia had been the team that he removed from the center. That was the first of the many errors that the black and white made at the start. The 'Commander', who received the ball after the loss of Esquerdo, dribbled almost dancing to Kondogbia, Gabriel, Wass and surpassed Jaume with stealth.

Morales himself was close to scoring the second granota goal after four minutes. Valencia stumbled and the night had just begun. Those of Gracia suffered to give three passes in a row and those of Paco López had the derby under control. But Kang-in Lee's talent emerged with two assists and two key moments in the first half. His was the corner kick that Gabriel Paulista sent to the back of the net and from the Korean it was also an excellent pass into the gap to the career of Maxi Gómez, which the Uruguayan executed perfectly first. That goal came just three minutes after Morales had again overtaken Levante.. This time the 'Commander' stopped being subtle and shot Jaume with his right leg. Now the mistake was Guedes. In between was another goal from Levante. De Melero, although canceled by the VAR by the hands of the Campaign.

The game continued from occasion to occasion and I shoot because it's my turn. Yunus to the crossbar, Bardhi to Jaume's body. Morales, Miramón, Gayà, Maxi … and so on until Gracia made the changes (the Navarrese hit the ground running) and Manu Vallejo appeared. He is neither a youth squad nor a signing. But he is 23 years old and very hungry. And goal. He had three occasions; two ended up at the bottom of the net.