The Catalan actress is breaking records for ‘likes’ this Monday with a carousel of very sexy images that has left her followers speechless. In the first, Ursula Corberó appears on the bed in an openly sexual position; in another, she rests on cushions dressed in a semi-transparent bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination.

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As we said, almost a million “Likes” in the first hour alone, a complete success on Instagram, where Úrsula has more than 22 million followers. And it is that her role as Tokyo in The Money Heist (Netflix) went around the world and made it well-known. In fact, many of her followers have used her most famous character to make jokes: “That’s Cuenca, not Tokyo.”

Others, however, have recalled Shakira and her comparison with a Ferrari to ensure that Corberó is, without a doubt, a good Masserati: “Everyone wants one.”

The actress, now focused on filming the body on fire (Netflix), with Quim Gutiérrez, has been dating the Argentine actor for seven years Chinese Darinwith whom he coincided in La Embassy.