Lisa Marie buried next to her son Ben: the emotional speech of her friend Sarah Ferguson

The only daughter of Elvis Presley y Priscilla Presley She was officially buried at Graceland this Sunday, the same place where the remains of her famous father, the King of Rock, and the son of the deceased rest, Benjamin Keoughwho committed suicide in 2020. Among those attending the ceremony were his 33-year-old daughter, Riley Keoughand the 14-year-old twins, Finley y Harper Lockwood. Hundreds of people gathered at the revered site to pay their respects to Lisa Mariewho died on January 12 at the age of 54.

Lisa Marie and her son Ben are now buried next to each other in the Meditation Garden at Elvis’ iconic mansion, and Keough’s grave had to be moved “slightly” to make room for his mother’s body.

The mother of the deceased, Priscilla Presley, was visibly affected during the funeral, although she made an effort until she managed to read some words that her granddaughter had written and that she had written down on her mobile, after interrupting herself emotionally on several occasions. “Our hearts are broken because we all love you,” the text read.

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Among the guests was Sarah Fergusona personal friend of Lisa Marie, which is why she also offered a heartfelt speech in which she recalled a few words about the recently deceased Queen isabel II: “My mother-in-law used to say that the grave is the price we pay for love, I look at Priscilla as I looked at Lisa Marie who had lost her son, but today I want to talk about action. We must look ahead, I will be there, holding your hand,” said the ex-wife of the prince andrew from England.

Singers also honored Lisa Marie Alanis Morissette y Axl Rosewho performed the ballad November Rain and the actor of Elvis Austin Butler, who recently won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the late, long-remembered musician. The place was full of bouquets of flowers, some sent by personalities as important as Oprah Winfrey.

In addition to Elvis, his grandson and now his daughter, the parents of the iconic singer and actor are also buried in the garden of the property in Memphis, Tennessee. Vernon y Gladys Presley.