Unusual extravagance by Bezos: he places a sculpture of his girlfriend, Lauren Sánchez, on the bow of his mega sailboat

The no more of the whims has led to the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezosto install a replica sculpture of his girlfriend on the figurehead of his 500 million euro super yacht, Lauren Sanchez. Photos: Gtres.

It is a sophisticated carving inspired by Lauren Sánchez in which she appears as a Greek goddess sailing through the Mediterranean Sea. The figure, with her hair blowing in the wind, wears mythological wings and huge inlaid golden details. A tribute to the woman in her life.

The tycoon and his girlfriend have been enjoying a great pre-honeymoon for days. To celebrate love, Bezos deployed all his heavy artillery and proposed to his girlfriend. The romantic moment took place on his boat, a 127-meter-long sea giant. Sánchez is so happy with her engagement ring. A 20-carat diamond piece, shining on the Koru’s deck like a beacon.

In the middle of the journey through the Balearic Islands, the television presenter had the detail of wearing a white dress with lace, a nod to the Ibizan adlib fashion. Lauren, barefoot, walked like a bride about to get married on a beach in Ibiza.