Cottet, sponsor of the 2023 Master&Open Golf Circuit


Cottet Óptica y Audiología will be the sponsor of the 2023 Master&Open Golf Circuit, the first tournament of which will take place at the Real Sociedad Hípica Española Club de Campo de Madrid Golf Club on May 27, as reported by the vision and hearing health company on Wednesday. .

The collaboration will continue with the following tournaments at the Costa Brava Golf Club, on June 17; at the Real Club de Golf de Cerdanya, on September 2; and at the Terramar Golf Club, on September 9 of this year.

Golf is known for requiring visual precision and auditory concentration, so eye and hearing health are important aspects for players.

In these tournaments, Cottet Óptica y Audiología will have the opportunity to interact with players and spectators, as well as promoting the importance of using adequate visual protection for practicing sports and the possibility of storing sports glasses and offering its specialized services.

“The entire Cottet team is excited about this exciting collaboration and we look forward to supporting the 2023 Master&Open Golf Circuit. Through this sponsorship, we seek to strengthen our presence in the golf market, while partnering with the performance and well-being of golfers,” said Álex Cottet, Vice President of Cottet Optics and Audiology.

The Master&Open 2023 Golf Circuit is an event for amateur players in which members of selected clubs with a valid license from the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG) can mainly participate.