“United needed a midfielder like Thomas”

In the Arsenal are delighted with the arrival of Thomas Partey. Managers, coaching staff, footballers and, above all, fans, have blessed the signing of the Ghanaian, for which the English club paid 50 million euros a little less than a month ago, on the last day of the market.

He has played two Thomas matches, but he is doing well. Quite the opposite of what happens with Van de beek, for which the Manchester United dhe paid 40 ‘kilos’. The former soccer player Ajax He is receiving criticism in England for his performance.

The former Liverpool player has talked about this John barnes. The 'red' legend, now a television commentator, believes Manchester United should have bet on Thomas instead of the Dutchman.

“Manchester United have already conceded many goals this season and I could have avoided it with a player like Thomas Partey. He would have made them much stronger, “he assures, and then adds that” United is now at a time when they have excellent players with the ball and offensive players Paul Pogba and Bruno FernandesBut Van de Beek can't lift people out of their seats in the same way. United needed a midfielder like Thomas ahead of the defense to protect them.