Sergi Roberto and the resignation of Bartomeu: “We are through all this”

Sergi Roberto spoke at the Movistar Champions League at the end of the match against Juventus (0-2).

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Victory and sensations: “We are very happy, especially for scoring. Being with six points is important. There have only been two goals but we have been able to do more. Not all have entered but we are happy. The important thing is to make the opportunities. If we continue like this, the results they will be more bulky. After the defeat against Madrid, it was important to score points. We must continue in this line. “

Is it the Barça they want ?: “We want a Barça that dominates, has the ball, defends well. And we are doing it. We have a new coach, we are going to get more sensations.”

They have contested the match after the resignation of Bartomeu. Have you been surprised ?: “There is a lot of talk about this, which is normal. But what the partners want is to win games and that is what we have shown. The best response has been today's game.”

Has there been a confrontation with Bartomeu?: “We are over all this and we focus on playing games and trying to be better and win.”