United assumes the goodbye of Pogba in summer and lowers its price

After a few months fighting in a lost war, the Manchester United has had to accept the decision of Pogba, which is none other than leaving the English club at the end of the season. The player ends contract next year and that is why the United He has put the batteries to prevent the French from leaving for free, and according to the newspaper The sun, your assessment hopened past from 180 million pounds to 150, a figure that is still exorbitant despite having been lowered.

We don't know if the Real Madrid still interested in signing Pogba, but what we do know is that Pogba wants to be at the service of Zidane, and that the Madrid coach is not going to deny a possible signing of his countryman. Although the last course was not possible due to its high price and the demands of the Manchester United, the English team seems to be assuming the fate of the player, which precisely does not go through Old Trafford (Pogba is clear about what offer he would accept between Real Madrid and Juventus)

As published by the English newspaper The Sun, the United seems to have reduced the price of Pogba to facilitate its exit, and that is that in the interest of Real Madrid and Juventus, this was the only option unless they waited for the contract year and the player left for free, as their intentions to renew with the club are scarce. Even so, the price of the player is still excessively high, because of the 180 million pounds sterling that cost his signing, have 'reduced' to 150.

While the player's future is resolved, the Manchester United See how his midfielder has not participated with the group since the last months of 2019 when he suffered an injury that, until now, keeps him away from the playing fields. This season he has only played eight games in which he has given two assists. Further, He has not completed a game since September 30, when he played 90 minutes against Arsenal.