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With the elimination at the hands of the Mirands there are already eight times that Villarreal falls to the hands of an opponent of a lower category since serving in the First

Gerard protects the ball against Sergio's pressure in Anduva's game.

The Villarreal and the Copa del Rey is a story of heartbreak in which disappointment accumulates after disappointment. The tournament in which, probably, clearer has the Castellón club the way to choose to inaugurate its palmars not only resists it but also is the scene of some of the biggest setbacks in its recent history. Because the elimination against the Mirands is not, by far, the first that suffers the yellow team against a rival of lower category, although in Anduva it will not really be reflected in the field.

The problem of Villarreal is that this type of stumbling blocks they have stopped becoming an exception. And it is that almost in half of its participations in the KO tournament as a team of First it has been alienated by a rival of Second or even of Second B. With that of this past Wednesday, there are already eight times when yellows have been eliminated by teams that were in lower categories. His other twelve eliminations were at the hands of rivals of his same category.

The elimination at the hands of the Mirands breaks, in addition, the stage of more stability of the Castellón people in the tournament because the last time they had fallen before a rival of lower category was, precisely, before that Mirands of Pablo Infante who threw them into the street in a double-play tie, the 2011-12 season, the one of the descent. Since then, Villarreal had managed to go further than ever the 2014-15 campaign, in which he reached the semifinals. From there he accumulated four consecutive eliminations in the round of 16, although always against First teams (Athletic, Real Sociedad, Legans and Espanyol) until this season he has returned to repeat in vices of the past.

The first time that Villarreal broke down in the Cup against an opponent of a lower category – since his promotion to First – was the 2000-01 season, when he was eliminated in sixteenths by a Pomegranate that militated at the time in Second B. It ended in a tie to one the match played in Los Crmenes and it was the Andalusians who imposed themselves in the penalty shootout (4-2). Two years later it was the Hercules, also of Second B, who eliminated Villarreal in thirty-second finals by beating him 2-1 in the Rico Prez. The story is repeated again a couple of years later, with the Girona (also of Second B and with the same marker) of protagonist.

The next disappointment will come in the 2006-07 season, eliminated this time in the round of 16 by a Valladolid that militated in Second to double game (the pucelanos won 2-1 in Jos Zorrilla and 0-1 in El Madrigal). It was, however, the 2008-09 season when Villarreal signed its biggest debacle in the Cup with that one-goal win in the field of 16 Poly Ejido (5-0), who was also unable to beat him on the lap (1-1). Only one year later, a new slip, before a Celtic that militated in Second and that appealed to the yellows in eighths winning in El Madrigal (0-1) after the tie of Balados (1-1).

The Mirands Villarreal has been the protagonist in the last two important trips in the Copa del Rey, without taking into account the elimination at the hands of Ponferradina (0-2 in El Madrigal) the course in which both teams agreed in Second.


It has been a very hard stick, we are very screwed

Villarreal midfielder Vicente Iborra acknowledged that the elimination in Copa del Rey against Mirands It has been a very hard stick, especially because of the way in which the team fell, but now we have to think about winning Valladolid.

In statements to the media, the Valencian soccer player said that the team can and should get up from this stick and that the best way to overcome disappointment is to achieve victory in the next game.

It's hard to win when you grant so much and you do not have all the senses involved in the game because if you are not at full, any opponent punishes you, whatever the category, add.

Iborra also indicated that they were advised of what could happen before a team that had already eliminated two sets of First Division – Celta and Seville – and despite that they had not been able to react to what was happening.

Although we are very screwed, we must get up and fight the ninety minutes. We are not worth the trouble, concluded the Valencian footballer.

The Wednesday is the fifth time Villarreal falls eliminated in the quarterfinals of the six occasions in which he has reached this round of the Copa del Rey. Only super in 2015 when Getafe was imposed.

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