Unai Simón's coup de rudder

Life is a box of surprises, like a box of chocolates. Overnight gives or takes you away, rewards you or punishes you. In the case of Unai Simon His career has been flipped by those strange circumstances that sometimes occur in an unpredictable way. Today is 23 years old, which is why the Athletic congratulated him.

The anniversary is to celebrate, as to celebrate it is a spectacular evolution that has led him from being the fourth goalkeeper of the squad with destination in Elche – he did not last two months – to be the starter in the team of Garitano and to be a candidate to be selected next year in the Euro Cup.


What changes life, no one disputes his quality, everyone praises him and thanks to his qualities and the benefits of his teammates, he has left the goal at zero no less than on 15 occasions -10 in the League- after 38 games. It fits at the rate of somewhat by appointment.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9S4fh5nW9g [/ embed]

Spectacular what has happened in your life. Who was going to tell him when he debuted against Leganés on August 20, 2018. There is a goalkeeper for a while.

In a short time it has left stops for the memory, as reflected in the attached video.