“The left foot that Take Kubo has is a gift that God gave him”

Dani Pendín, second coach of Mallorca and, therefore, one of the architects of the promotions from Second B to Second and from Second to First of the Balearic team, spoke to journalist Agustín Commisso about his career as a technician after hanging up his boots. In the talk they highlight two names, those of Take Kubo (19 years old) and Luka Romero (15).

Shield / Flag Mallorca

Pendín praises Kubo's progress and base quality, on loan last summer from Real Madrid to Mallorca: “He is a young boy and a very good soccer player. He still has a lot to learn, but today he is a much better player than when he arrived. We have worked a lot with him and he is also very smart. He is a 19-year-old boy, but he has a head as if he were 30. You talk to him and it doesn't seem how old he is. He is very polite, respectful and pay close attention each time the coach speaks. “The analysis matches precisely that of Vicente Moreno, what in Stadium Study He recently revealed that he refers to Japanese as The Old Kubo.

The Argentine also offers details on the most outstanding characteristics of Kubo: “The left-handed person that she has is privileged and that is a gift that God gave her, that quality that has to play and to control. He also has a lot of speed, whether short or long, and a very good hitting. “” He is a person who always listens and is always attentive, It is very difficult for you to ask him something that the coach said and he did not answer you well. I take care of the stopped ball and many times I do not need to explain where it has to go because he remembers what I said in the talk. Pay close attention and that is essential, “stresses the coach.


In conversation emerges another protagonist called to fill many headlines, Luka Romero. Without even reaching the age of 16, he has been training since June 1 with the first team and it is expected that he can enter a call in this League. “You have to be very patient. You are learning many things, but you have to be aware that you are 15 years old. I'm in charge of bringing the boys from the quarry to the first team and there is a lot of talk about Luka, “says Pendín, demanding patience. And he leaves his description of the pearl: “He is left-handed, quick, rogue, bug, competitive … He has that prototype of an Argentine 10. We have been watching him since he was 12, but we never wanted to upload him because we also have to be careful. We saw him as a player and he did incredible things in his category, but Physically, he was not fully developed and that could cause problems when he ran into first class players. Today you see the legs and the body and see that it begins to form. It also helps him a lot that his father was a footballer. “

Pendín, finally, runs away from the comparison with Messi: “It doesn't do him good to start filling his ear. Conditions has many, but from there to compare it with Messi … I don't think so. It reminds me a lot of David Silva. He is that type of player who plays between the lines, who moves behind the rival pivots and who, when he receives, kills you because he turns and faces the center-backs head-on. It is very competitive, I see that He does not like to lose in any game, and clearly is not with us for being “.