Two 19-year-old Premier League players arrested for alleged rape

LONDON (UNITED KINGDOM), April 24. (Mean PA/dpa/EP) –

Two 19-year-old Premier League players were arrested last weekend accused of alleged rape, although both have already been released on bail, according to British police.

The authorities reported that two 19-year-old men were arrested after they were reported for alleged rape last Friday, April 19. The two detained people, whose identity has not been revealed, are players in the First Division of English football and belong to the same team.

According to The Sun newspaper, one of the footballers was in his club’s stadium when the police asked about him, and then talked about the situation in a private room, before being formally detained.

The first was arrested on Saturday as an alleged accomplice in rape, while police detained the second man on suspicion of rape. According to police, both were released on bail.