TVE bells with Ramón García and without Anne Igartiburu: why change what was working well?

There are people of a certain age who would watch the Campanadas on TVE even if they were presented Puigdemont, Rubiales or the corrupt-looking Thai police officer who was on the news in Daniel Sancho. Because we are creatures of habit and we followed them on the first public television channel since when there were only two channels and one was called UHF.

But that advantage of TVE should be made the most of by the bosses on duty and focus on clientelistic classicism instead of innovating and putting people as nice and original as the fabulous ones Anna Mena y Jennifer Hermoso, excellent professionals singing and passing on the field, respectively. Thank goodness that at least those responsible for RTVE maintain that vestige of the past and are right in leaving Ramón García in the trio that they take to Puerta del Sol, who is a man born to present the Campanadas, in addition to Grand Prix and What do we bet?

When I saw him in person for the first time in person he was replacing AA Mayra Gómez Kemp in The roulette of the fortune. Ramontxu had not yet turned 30, he was a young man, and he looked just as perfect to present the Chimes as he does now.

The same thing happens to Anne Igartiburu. But from what they tell us about her, she had to be punished for being a little annoying and for being unfaithful to the network that covers her with other competing channels. But in the end the ones who lose are the classics. It will be a matter of political correctness, posturing, generational quota.

Presumably, taking into account the latest data from the Chimes in recent years, the dress or nude number or whatever it does will win the game. Cristina Pedrocheunless Ramonhu and her companions on the set of Madrid's kilometer zero compete against the wife of the most famous chef in Spain and come out naked. But that is not what they have said, that is, we do not believe that is going to happen.

Regarding the rest of the networks, it is not even worth saying who is there because they will be, with all due respect, pure residual troupes that will only be seen by family members, geeks, the clueless and other accidental viewers.