Tusquets dismisses Masferrer, Bartomeu's advisor

Carles Tusquets has made his first big decision as president of the Barcelona Management Board, regardless of the services of Jaume masferrer, who was an advisor to Josep María Bartomeu, according to RAC1. The president was not part of the Board of Directors, so the resignation did not affect him first-hand. However, without the former president, Masferrer's position was in the background.

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In any case, Tusquets has justified his dismissal by the economic situation of the entity. However, Masferrer had a story behind that is what could have caused his departure, beyond the arguments used by the leader of the Management Board. Bartomeu's advisor he was attributed the responsibility of having hired the 'Barçagate' company, in the case of fake internet accounts to criticize footballers and some of their relatives.

Back then, despite Masferrer's involvement in the matter, Bartomeu did not dismiss him. Even the Board of Directors asked the president for his head, but he stood firm. In the first instance, before the cyclone formed, it was decided to suspend him from employment, but not from salary. Later, in the month of July, recovered the functions that he had played previously.

Masferrer, despite not being part of the Board of Directors, has played a leading role in Bartomeu's mandate. In 2015, he was responsible for his campaign in an election that the former president won. According to La Vanguardia, it was not until 2018 when he formally entered the club. Before, I was an outside contributor. Finally, Josep María Bartomeu appointed him director of the Presidency Area.